Loft Conversions In Greenwich

It is no secret that Greenwich is a superb area to live in. It has obvious draws like its green spaces and close proximity to central London, not to mention its outstanding transport links. If you are fortunate enough to own a property in Greenwich, it is highly unlikely that you would ever want to let it go. With a loft conversion, there is no need to. Whether you intend to extend the family home to accommodate your growing family or whether you are hoping to create an extra bedroom in your investment property to generate a higher rental yield, a loft conversion is a great solution for virtually any property if it’s started to feel crowded.

One of the few drawbacks of the Greenwich area is often the inability to extend houses in the traditional way by expanding the existing footprint. This is usually due to a lack of outdoor space, or just the fact that gardens and off street parking are at a premium in the locality and are often just as valuable as the house itself. A loft conversion in your Greenwich property is a simple and effective way to overcome your lack of indoor space.

A further benefit of a loft conversion is that it may be easier to obtain planning permission for a loft conversion in Greenwich that it is a more traditional extension construction. This is because when you use an experienced and highly skilled company like OR Lofts, the loft conversion is virtually seamless and may not be noticeable from the street at all. Of course, this largely depends on whether the conversion is a dormer (which is street visible) or a velux.

Despite this, a good loft conversion should enhance the property and be sympathetic to the local architecture, and this is something that OR Lofts will be happy to advise on. However, virtually all work will require some kind of permission, so it is vital you seek this before work begins. You can find out all of the current planning regulations from the local Greenwich office.

The key to getting the most from the potential loft space above your head is having a fantastic design. You’d be amazed at what can be achieved by professionals like OR Lofts. We will work within your timeline and budget to help you to realise the full potential of what your home can become.

We are very realistic in the advice that we give to our clients and will advise you of all of the current building regulations that will need to be met by your brief to ensure that your loft conversion is completely safe to use day in day out and that it will stand the test of time and be a fully functional part of the home. If you are considering a loft conversion and want a professional opinion on what can be done, contact OR Lofts for our honest appraisal or how to make your vision a reality.