Loft Conversions In Orpington

Just twelve miles from London Bridge Station is the fantastic area of Orpington. Whilst it is so close to the capital, it also a stone’s throw from the countryside of the famed Garden of England. For those who have to travel to work into central London, there is only a fifteen-minute commute by train. Although Orpington doesn’t quite attract the premium house prices of central London, house prices are still at a premium. This can make it difficult if you are planning to expand your family and need a larger house to live in. A loft conversion with OR Lofts can be a fantastic solution to help you to stay in the area that has become your home.

Orpington is a sought-after area, being so near the City of London, only twelve miles from London Bridge Station and yet still very much part of the beautiful Garden of England. It is the perfect area to live for those who don’t want to pay the premium for living in central London as it’s a fifteen-minute commute by train. Nearby countryside gives Orpington a rural feel which means that house values are already high for this delightful area and with a Loft Conversion in Orpington, you can realise your home’s true potential without leaving the area you love.

A loft Conversions is one of the most straightforward ways to expand your current living space and add value to your property. It’s an extremely popular method of home expansion for a very good reason. With a loft conversion, there is no need to move home to find the extra space that you need. Moving house comes with all kinds of stresses from house hunting, to packing to the financial implications of buying and selling – agent fees, solicitors and stamp duty all add up and make moving far less financially viable than you might initially think. With a loft conversion, you are simply making the most of a forgotten space that you already own. You’d be amazed at the beautiful and highly useable areas that can be created from unused space that already exists within your home.

We normally consider the loft to be a storage facility; a place to keep the Christmas tree and old photo albums. It is easy to forget when you go up into the darkness of the loft that it is actually a space that is as large as the footprint of your house. Imagine that usually darkened space flooded with light with a luxury bedroom and ensuite, or even an art studio. It could become a purpose-built office space for your home business or even a playroom to keep all of the toys and children’s precious things out of sight while giving them plenty of room to play.

So if your current living space is no longer working for you, you may find that the solution is above your head! There is no need to leave the family home that is full of memories. You can stay in your current neighbourhood near your friends, family, local schools and everything else that you love about living in Orpington. Contact OR Lofts for a consultation.