Orpington Loft Conversions

Just 15 minutes on the train from central London is the fantastic Kent town of Orpington. Orpington is very well connected. It has all the convenience of being so close to the city, but it also has a rural vibe with some beautiful Kentish countryside just a short distance away. If you don’t want to catch the train into the city, Bluewater is just a short twenty-minute drive away. Combine this with its great local schools, it is no wonder that Orpington is such a popular area to live in. However, with great convenience comes a relatively high price tag. This can make it difficult for many families to upsize. On the flip side, the locality of Orpington makes it a great place to invest in, so adding value to your home with a bespoke loft conversion is a win-win situation.

There is absolutely no need to leave the street that your children have been growing up on. Moving house might seem like the only option when you’re running out of space but you would be amazed at how much space is actually above your head in your loft area. When you consider that the loft spaces in the majority of homes are the same size as the whole footprint of the house, you can really create something special.

It’s hard to visualise just how much a loft conversion can change your home for the better. A loft extension doesn’t take much time compared to a house move, so during the very short period of minor disruption image how you will feel when the stairs are fitted and you can go up and see the amazing, light space that you never knew you had!

An extra room or two in the loft will add thousands to your property’s value and yet is an affordable way to expand with minimal disruption to you and your family. A loft conversion is so much simpler than any other extension as there is no need for you to move out, no need for foundations, walls being taken down, less dust and mess. All the work is carried out above your living rooms and bedrooms and you can carry on living in the property with minimal annoyance. Another fantastic thing about investing in a loft conversion in Orpington is that you can almost immediately offset any initial financial outlay for the construction against the gain in equity in your property – it could end up costing you much less than you think.

One of the key ways to make money on your property and to make your house much more family-friendly for your needs is to use an experienced and reputable company like OR Lofts. By using a local company that knows the Orpington area, you will find that the conversion is far more sympathetic to the design of your house and will ensure that your loft conversion blends seamlessly with your home’s architecture and will be virtually unnoticeable to the untrained eye on your Orpington street.